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Welcome to Dysfunctional Family. An LJ community dedicated to the loud, obnoxious and just plain crazy division 11 from Bleach.

First and formost

::The RULES::

1. if you are going to post any images, or fics, THEY MUST ALL BE BEHIND A CUT.
2. no arguing/flaming/fighting with other members, or you shall face mod wrath.
3. please keep all topics in subject of division 11, it's members, or the club itself.

This is an anything goes community, art, fics or just general discussion pertaining to division 11 and all it's glory, have fun, and don't do anything that they would do.

::Mods and Maintainers::


ikkanemu : maintained by dodgeroll and onijutsu. Dedicated to the coupledome of Madarame Ikkaku and Kurotsuchi Nemu
karakura_chaos : Maintained by starswing,dbnext and dodgeroll Dedicated to the beings and events of the human world of bleach
zaraki_fans : Maintained by neonkitty. Dedicated to the 11th Division's badass captain!
ken_yachiru : Maintained by kino_sycthe. Dedicated to the Captain and Vice captain of the 11th Division.
i__feel__pretty : Maintained by readx0r Dedicated to the 11th divisions beautiful peakock
tough_lovin : Maintained by pantha_go Ichigo X Tatsuki comm
bleach_exchange : A HUGE secret santa shindig, for all bleach fans
death_n_berry : Writing Challenge comm based on manga chapter titles!
shunsui_fans : Pink is Manly
shiyori : ShinjiXHiyori Com!

::Community Links::
bleach_rating - Join, send in your application and find out which bleach character you are
soul_society - All things bleach
kurosaki_clinic - Bleach community dedicated to fanworks