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zaraki_fans community journal has been deleted/purged??

I went to check on zaraki_fans because I hadn't seen any posts in a while and wanted to check in, and found that the ENTIRE journal has been deleted and purged.

My fan community's history and records and love has been destroyed, and I'm shocked and reeling and left wondering, what the heck happened?

My intent is not to point fingers and blame anyone for their decision, because that's not productive -- it's not going to restore anything so why bother?

What I do want is to to find out:

- if there's y way to recover some of the postings or fan resources (images, doujin, artists, fanfics) that were in that comm
- who's still active and a fan,
- gauge the interest of any and all other Zaraki Kenpachi fans in creating a new LJ community

If you see this post and have ANY information relating to any of the above, please reply.

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